I won something + New blog (with my own domain!)

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Check out my music and poetry at pia besmonte. Thanks and see you there!

PS. I won something! Unexpected things make me sooo happy! Chek out The Ranting Chef!


New life in seven words:

I will start to try singing again.

Hudson riverside sunset



If I could summarize the seven bullets of balance in a picture, this is more than I could ever have prayed for. Cheers to a new beginning.

On why I should be nothing else but smart

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When I impulsively decided to do a daily blog (or Project 36[6] to the WP community), I never realized that not everyday is interesting. Unless you count pulsing eyelids from watching the second season of Vampire Diaries the entire day. It’s been pretty quiet today; I kind of feel like I’m the only person in the world though I don’t feel as lonely or sad as before. I just hope I had someone who could give me smaller change for my twenty bucks so I can do my laundry.

I’m making a promise to myself to freeze to death outside tomorrow. I will not spend the rest of my winter break–the rest of my life–sulking. There has to be be something more than this. This is not the end of me yet. See you tomorrow. *clicking the play button*

Can I keep this up?


Hello and welcome to the beginning of the end. Here I am again. Wavering. One day I feel like fudge-ing Audrey Hepburn and the next I feel like I’m the-person-the-cops-will-find-alone-and-dead-for-weeks-in-her-dorm-room. Or this may just be the hormones raging. Seriously, why aren’t there women philosophers who study their own menstrual cycles in order to understand the world better? Or should I be the pioneer in this field? So many crepe-y ideas and not a single one sticking for more than three seconds. And yes, I am trying my best not to swear.

The seven bullets of balance continues, although I realize I can’t always spend three hours formatting. Sorry for being a perfectionist. I also can’t work with a single mold for a long time, I am easily bored. So instead of throwing away this laptop and going to the Himalayan mountains (since I already have the right hair), I will try to keep myself amused and hopefully committed by innovation.

Read today’s readings about the first two apostles who asked Jesus where he lives and to whom he replies, “Come and see.” (I’m getting better at this. Baby steps.)

Family is okay. I hate talking about money or the lack of it, though. And I’m not even doing that here. (Now it’s in my head again. Goodness!)

Friends still no contact. I meant that I still hate them. I don’t know if I can go back home and not spit on everyone’s face. But at least now I’m not plotting revenge. Things like this take time, so I’m being patient with myself; and I hope that you don’t have the wrong first impression of me being a grumpy, miserable person which I am sounding to be right now. I wish things were different back then; I wish we had money to get diagnosis. I wish I didn’t try too hard to fit in so that they would see something wrong with me. This is bargaining, I know, and it’s a glitch. Because. It. Will. Not. Change. Anything. Dame it!

School. Nothing new. Went to Dean’s to get long overdue final academic progress report, she was out. I hope my kind sponsors take grief as a valid reason. Seriously, I feel like the old me has really died. Like, really died. There is no turning back because this knowledge made a gap the size of ANOTHER LIFETIME. Yes, I’ll probably get over this and be Ms. Optimism again in a few days and I’ll have a lot of witty aphorisms to share when I get back (and execute my… oohoohoo…), but for now please let me be. I’ll be a hater for now. It won’t last the whole year, I hope.

World. I could not care less today. Especially with this very warm weather. Did I mention that I come from a country where even one layer of clothing is sometimes too hot?? Where in the world am I right now, the North Pole? No wonder why nobody believes in Santa Claus anymore. This is just too painful, yes physically painful! I didn’t know that if it was too cold it would hurt the skin, kind of like a burning sensation. And that’s my surprise/unknown thing too.

New things. Jeremy Gilbert should have been the first victim of the bad vampires. Seriously. Even Damon Salvatore’s oozing pheromones (yes, today is all about hormones) couldn’t save his lame acting. And I just realized that they all looked waaaay too old for high school. Like, seriously. And I’m talking like Caroline now. Urgh, Vampire Diaries. I should read the series for enlightenment once I get home. Not now. I hate everything too much.

Yep. Even Howie Day’s Collide can’t move me today. Every morning when I open my eyes I try to convince myself that that day will be the start of a better future. And most of those days it doesn’t happen that way. I’ve never been so far from the best until now. I’ve got nothing more to lose. 2011 has taken it all away. Facing the new year… empty.

PS. Empty is the opposite of full, right? Perhaps a chance to flip the coin?

Career path: Investigative (1st), Artistic (2nd)

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Let me begin by saying that my blog titles come from fragments of my memory (tapping myself on the shoulder for sounding so autobiographical). This title came from the NCAE (Flip equivalent of SATs), and it was the test I did best in during my (insert negative adjective here) high school years. Mostly because it was all about irrelevant information. But also because I wasn’t pressured to excel in it, since it didn’t reflect my grades. Which were average. (BTW, I will soon post a side essay on how smart should teachers be. MY IDEA. I kill you. Kidding, just my way of reminding–and committing–myself because of the dame ADD/ADHD.)

Anyways, I will tell you now that my resolve to continue this is slowly becoming weaker by the day (today is just the 3rd of January??). It seems to me that this commitment is quite heavy because it makes every single day more memorable, and it actually motivates me to write without thinking. Scratch that–to write without thinking too much about it that I don’t write anything in the end. But I think I’m getting a little bit better at this. And faster. (Another side story: the last post took THREE HOURS, plus other tabs and distractions, to finish.) I am also doing a daily video blog on YouTube, and taking a daily picture of myself (just to see how fast my hair grows back. Tee-hee!)

So, where was I again? Yep. The daily seven. Here goes:

  • Faith

Like I promised last time, I will try to remember what I read about His word for today. (For those of you who have a different way of worship or have beliefs different from mine, I hope that you should at least take this endeavor of mine as a memory exercise. I am not the sort of person who shoves my faith into other people but that doesn’t mean that I should not be proud of what I believe in.) I remember something about John the Baptist confirming that Jesus is the Son of God. I can’t remember anything else. Sorry. But I’ll try harder tomorrow.

  • Family

I wasn’t able to talk to my family today. My sister gave me a 4-minute call, asking about my finances. Not so good.

  • Friends

Reactivated my old Facebook account. Not to post anything for the people from my past (geez, I make them ALL sound like villains, and I haven’t even started my creative writing class for the spring semester!), but to figure out whom to invite to my new account. I used to be a very nice person; I wonder where she is now. I guess I just need some time to forgive and forget. Or to plan revenge. 😀

  • School

Last semester there were only four international students in BC, including me. Next week 80 will be arriving from all over the world! New additions to my international family!!!

  • New things

One word, actually surname: KANDINSKY. Went to the Gug museum with lovely Anna today and was blown away. I also saw works by Monet, Cezanne, and Picasso. Jess Santiago was right; I have become artsy since I got here. Theater and art aside from literature: pure bliss.

  • World/Events

Yahoo! used to be a good source of news, since it’s right there when I log out of my antique email. Now, though, the quality of their “news” have stooped too low for me, at least. I’m making a quick guess that their formula is fashion-healthy living-dating for girls, and politics-sports-bizaare for guys. It works, but it’s becoming stereotypical. Moving on to CNN/NYTimes etc. for my daily dose of world.

  • Unknown

Are bald girls still attractive? Depressed people couldn’t possibly hallucinate about guys checking them out at the museum, right? So I’m not depressed, and I’m not THAT ugly after all. I wasn’t actually dressed for the occasion earlier; I had on my bulky japanese university souvenir sweatshirt, faded jeans and sneakers on the coldest day the Lord has sent my way (no rhyme intended). I didn’t even have make-up on; I was too focused on the marvelous artworks. I still saw a few guys staring, though. And girls. And old, conservative women. Or maybe they just haven’t seen a bald Asian girl before (outside the Himalayan mountains). May lightning strike (put your sworn enemy’s name here) if I’m vain. There. (Sorry for the violent use of language. I’ll repent later.)

Sorry, no wise conclusions tonight. Am quite sleepy after downing a painkiller pill. Two days down, approximately two more weeks to go. I love being a woman.

Hello world!

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