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2011 left me with a few wounds and a lot of life lessons; 2012 welcomed me with an idea that I want to carry out for the rest of the year, maybe even more if it goes well. I was born on the seventh month of the year (yes, like the Boy Who Was Responsible For My Myopia); seven is my favorite number; and this number comes up again and again in my life. I’m not Beyonce, but I can tell if the universe is trying to tell me something, even if the number itself doesn’t mean anything on its own.

So here I am, waiting for what kind of ADD/ADHD learning disability I have and planning for the next fortnight before my last semester here in the US, scratching my week-old, newly shaved head thinking about how to concretize this wonderful idea of mine. So I erased all my previous social media accounts and created new ones, the ones from where my legacy will begin (sometimes even I don’t believe I’m just 19), and created seven new ones: Google+, YouTube, WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo! and Apple (soon!). The old ones were like the biblical wine bags for me–their histories make me feel safe and safe is not the best platform for creativity.

This blog will be about seven life aspects that I will nurture every single day (in no particular order):

  •      Faith
  •      Family
  •      Friends/Others
  •      School
  •      New things
  •      World/Events
  •      Surprise/Unknown

In fifteen out of nineteen years, school was the only thing that mattered for me; level = Asian. Now that I am being diagnosed of a learning disability I actually felt as if everything has been taken away from me, and I started to realize how unbalanced my life was. I wasn’t a good daughter but my family accepted me and loved me and bugged me on my mobile phone and Skype; I had no friends and I had to ask my dorm’s guard to take my Halloween costume picture for me, a relative by marriage was the only one who sent me a card through the loneliest mailbox ever (picture later). I had nothing else; I left all my other dreams for something that I actually did wrong from the very beginning. (Sorry, residues of resentment; but it’s all better now trust me.)

Now I have absolutely nothing. But I realized that while I’m still breathing I can’t lose everything at once, because THERE’S ALWAYS SOMETHING I CAN GIVE. In my brokenness I didn’t see myself, but I found a way to first forgive and make peace with my past, and more importantly to help other people through telling my story. Because I finally have a story to tell.

I will be honest and tell you that I am not in my best shape. I have acne all over (from oversleeping and chocolates; define depression), I don’t have hair anymore, I suddenly disliked all the people from my past (including my family a little bit, but as I said I am making peace…slowly…); but I gotta start somewhere. And honestly I’ll never be perfect. Or ready. So might as well carry on with it.

I don’t have the right to ask anyone to read or follow this blog, but if you get something from this I would like to ask you to let me know. Otherwise I’ll get bored soon and this idea will be another one of those hanging in midair somewhere we don’t know. Email me. Thanks. Happy new year, and may life be kind to you.

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